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Welcome to Coinsurge Global


Coinsurge Global is an online Banking platform and a trading platform, that specializes in trading and managing accounts and funds for her investors; ensuring that investors get their promised ROI on investment.

A few years ago the platform specially traded for a few employed members of the sponsor organisations and kept pushing to take it global. In January 2017, the platform's total trading volume surpassed $20 billion. Who says we can't go global now?

Coinsurge user-oriented perspective, combined with solid financial backing, stands out in the field of online trading. From its 24 hour multilanguage support desks to its broad range of platforms and. Coinsurge Global has created the optimal trading environment for every level traders or investors.

Continue to discover more. Happy Investing!



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Why you should invest with us


We use the best encryption software possible for all financial information, including SSL/HTTPS secure web protocols


With our Risk transfer and Insurances on check, we understand all risk and measures needed to handle your trades.


Withdrawals are made easy and simple, simply request and our system will process.


With our clever trading tactics and smart systems, high return on investment is assured.


We will provide you with wide range of trading materials that will assist you. So sit back and relax while we trade for you.


Our Online support team are ready to assist you 24/7.